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PD. Sinar Lestari Sells Cheap Washing Machines, is a tool used for washing clothes. This term is mostly applied to machines that use water as opposed to dry cleaning (which uses alternative cleaning fluids, and is carried out by business specialists) or ultrasonic cleaners. Users add detergent which is sold in liquid or powder form to washing water. If there is one household appliance that most of us cannot do without it, it is a clothes washing machine. If you have been without your washing machine for a few days or weeks, you will know how difficult it is to wash clothes by hand. Even though laundry washers look very easy, they do very clever tricks: with the help of detergents, they separate dirt from your clothes and then rinse it.

Washing machines are machines used to wash various types of clothing without applying any physical effort. With a washing machine you don't need to rub your clothes by hand or squeeze them to remove water from them. Washing machines are also referred to as clothes washers or just washing machines. The washing machine allows you to wash clothes automatically without having to supervise their operations. All you have to do is put clothes on the machine and choose washing mode. The washing machine automatically takes the required amount of water and detergent and also automatically sets the timer to wash, rinse and dry according to the selected mode and number of clothes.

Type of Washing Machine

Depending on the position of loading the clothes in the washing machine, there are two types of washing machines: top loading and front loading washing machines. These two things have been explained below:

1) Washing machine top loading: In this washing machine clothes are taken from the top of the washing machine. There is a cover at the top that aids the loading and unloading of clothes in a round vessel that performs the function of the washing machine and rinser and dryer in a fully automatic washing machine. The top loading washing machine is preferred by people who don't want to bend the body while loading clothes on the machine. This washing machine is more widely used than front loading washing machines in many parts of the world.

2) Front loading washing machine: In this machine clothes are loaded from the front side. Research has shown that front loading washing machines consume less electricity, water and detergents and also provide better washing results compared to top loading washing machines.

Depending on the total automatic features available in the washing machine, the top loading washing machine is also classified as: a semi-automatic washing machine and a fully automatic washing machine. Let's look at the details of both:

1) Semi-automatic washing machine: It has a separate tub or vessel for washing machines and dryers. There are two separate timers that allow setting the washing and drying time. To wash clothes, you must put clothes in a washing vessel, put enough water and detergent, then set the timer. After the specified time, the washing machine will stop. You can take off your clothes and dry them in the sun or you can dry them partially in a drier vessel by setting the appropriate time.

2) Fully automatic machine: In a fully automatic washing machine there is only one tub that functions as a washing machine, rinser and dryer. Depending on the amount of clothing or clothing weight, the machine automatically takes enough water and detergent and sets the timer to wash and dry automatically. All you have to do is provide a water connection, put detergent from time to time in the storage room and put clothes on, the automatic washing machine fully does everything automatically.

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